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  • Emergency Sticker (pomeranian)

    Emergency Sticker (pomeranian)

    Emergency Sticker (pomeranian) – The fire and the natural disaster perhaps it happens in absence.
    It cannot return, it cannot return directly, when… it can have rescuing the child which is the family which is important at such a time. “The family which is important to this house is. How please help in emergency.”
    Such a message is made to help the door and the like of the house, by the fact that it pastes in the place where it is conspicuous, even a little, we would like to raise the possibility, it drew up in such thinking.

    How will you save your DEAR PETS when disaster struck and fire started….
    You may not be able to come home when disaster struck and fire started etc…
    In these cases and how will you save your one of your family member?
    If you put the sign ON a DOOR or wall, “My family is in the house, please save him/her/them” and they may become increasingly likely to survive.

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