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  • Fox Is A Dancing Fool Postcard

    Fox Is A Dancing Fool Postcard

    Fox Is A Dancing Fool Postcard – Look who came over to my house, it’s A Dancing Fool. Not really, it’s my Pomeranian Fox Mulder-Ellis disguised as one of his many alter egos.

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  • Humorous Birthday Card

    Humorous Birthday Card

    Humorous Birthday Card – Printed from an original watercolor painting of a black poodle, named Jasper. The inside has a humorous message for a birthday. I use the ‘limited palette’ of the three primary colors for my watercolor paintings. This produces all the shades and hues you see in my paintings. Red, yellow and blue transparent watercolor in both warm and cool shades can be mixed to obtain any color in the spectrum. I find I have more control over the final results. My artwork covers a wide range of subjects. I paint whimsically humorous, one-of-a-kind art to serious fine art. However, my passion is painting portraiture of animals and people. I love to capture the emotion of the moment. Both subjects have their own personalities. This makes the end result very challenging AND rewarding. I accept private commissions, working from good photographs. My medium is watercolor. However, I also work with graphite, pen and ink. Prices for originals are set by the square inch. Please contact me to obtain further information if you have interest in commissioning a piece of artwork. All prices quoted include insurance and shipping costs. My Trillium Gallery at will give you the opportunity to purchase watercolor original portraits from photographs. You may follow my current painting from start to finish at: and I invite you to join by clicking “like” to that page.

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  • Bully! Black French Bulldog Mug

    Bully! Black French Bulldog Mug

    Bully! Black French Bulldog Mug – Whether you’re a Teddy Roosevelt fan, a French Bulldog fan or BOTH, you’ll LOVE this charming graphic coffee mug. BULLY!

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