Beautiful Brindle Boxer Photo Jigsaw Puzzles


Beautiful Brindle Boxer Photo Jigsaw Puzzles – Cute puppy pictures of Boxers make great photo jigsaw puzzles for dog lovers. Replace with your dogs’ photo for great personalized dog gifts. What are the benefits of adult jigsaw puzzles? Jigsaw puzzles are brain stimulation, they help seniors with memory issues, improve visual-spatial reasoning in children and a great way to connect with family. Puzzles help you live longer and are great meditation tools and stress relievers. A fun family activity for holiday get-togethers and family reunions to keep people occupied and busy.


Beautiful Brindle Boxer Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

8″ x 10″, 60 pieces: Puzzle

It’s the small pieces that make the big picture! Create a unique gift with a personalized photo or design so that you can relive the memory. A matching photo box stores your puzzle when not in use.

  • Puzzle Dimension: 8″ x 10 (60 pieces); Box Dimension: 5.5″ x 4″
  • Grade A acrylic is high quality, water resistant, and long lasting
  • Includes a matching tin box
  • A modern and stylish gift!

WARNING: Not a toy. Not suitable for children 12 and under.