Toy Poodle Silhouettes Temporary Tattoos


Toy Poodle Silhouettes Temporary Tattoos –


Toy Poodle Silhouettes Temporary Tattoos

Style: Temporary Tattoos

Scared of long-term commitment? We know the feeling. But with 100% customizable temporary tattoos, now you can have your cake and eat it too. Customize your own design or choose from thousands of pre-made designs, temporary tattoos are the perfect addition to tailgating, fun runs, and special events.

  • Please note tattoos will arrive in a mirrored from to what you see above. When applied, it will be the right side up!
  • Dimensions of each sheet is: 10.5″h x 8.25″w, but you choose the size of the tattoos
  • Prints in full color and non-colored areas are clear so they look real on your skin
  • Comes off after a few days or wipe clean with baby oil
  • To prolong life of tattoo, avoid chlorinated water
  • Not recommended for children 12 and under
  • Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product’s customizable design area measures 8″ x 10″

1. Make sure skin is clean, dry, and free of anything oil-based (such as lotions)
2. Cut tattoo as close to the edge of the design as possible
3. Remove the clear plastic cover, and place the tattoo face down onto skin

4. Grab a wet towel and allow the backside of the tattoo to get soaked for a few seconds
5. Peel the paper off skin and voila!


Tattoos are intended to last a few days but may come off faster after a shower or bath. To remove, saturate tattoo with baby oil for 10 seconds, then wipe away with cotton ball or tissue.


Do not use if you have sensitive skin or if you are allergic to adhesive.

Wrinkles and air bubbles may occur on your tattoo page during our production process. Be advised that the tattoo adhesive will still work as expected regardless of this appearance.

INGREDIENTS: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow inks. Comprised of Carbon Black, Proprietary dyes & pigments, Proprietary organic materials, Glycerols, Water.