Scotty’s rescues: rottweiler w/kitty & bubbles scarf


Scotty’s rescues: rottweiler w/kitty & bubbles scarf – Meet Pearl and Squeaky,best friends and adored by their mom Scotty. We are neighbors. Squeaky has part of a missing ear and catches the mice that don’t make it into my apartment. Thank you Squeaky. Pearl is a sweet rescue that has to hug my brother every time she sees him coming down the hall. Two gentle souls residing in the big city that are lucky enough to be so well loved. Scotty loves the color green,like nature, and bubbles.
So do I.


Scotty’s rescues: rottweiler w/kitty & bubbles scarf

Size: Longer Oblong Rectangle Chiffon Scarf, 16″ x 72″

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty!” Elevate your style with a custom printed scarf in a delicate and lovely chiffon fabric. Beautifully finished with a professional baby hem, this scarf is the perfect accent piece that you can wear into the fall and beyond.

  • Dimensions: 16″ x 72″
  • Material: Lightweight chiffon fabric
  • Clean rolled hem; scarves will be printed, hand-cut, and sewn by skilled seamstresses using top-of-the-line finishing machines
  • Print is visible on both sides
  • Hem available in 4 different finishing thread colors
  • Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Print may fade 5-10% after first wash, but sublimation printing allows for colors that are designed to last

If your scarf feels stiff, mist with water and tumble in a low heat dryer for 5-10 mins